Love, Romance and Flowers in Scotland

For centuries, couples have used Scotland flowers to commemorate their love in a number of ways and for those who live here, the flowers of this beautiful land can provide a lot of romantic inspiration. When a young man wants to show the girls he admires his affection he may use a flowery delivery Scotland has so many services for. This is one way he can send flowers Scotland girls will recognize and the meaning will be clear whether he chooses cheery daffodils for a light love affair or the ultimate amorous rose that holds such a strong meaning. He may visit some of the florists Scotland is known for that are able to provide him with a vast selection of blooms to choose from so that he can customize his gift. This is an especially popular occasion on St. Valentine's Day when the business of flowers delivery in Scotland is definitely at its peak.

Of course, not all lovers are able to both live in Scotland. Many men or women will leave to study abroad or even to work outside the nation for a period of time. During this stage of their courtship they may want to send flowers to Scotland because it is a way for them to keep in touch and remind one another that they are keeping each other in their hearts.

The fragrance and beauty of Scotland flowers has inspired countless songs and poems so it is only natural that couples separated by oceans would want to be able to use a flower delivery Scotland has in order to send each other flowers if they are from different countries. This is a way that they can make their love more real if they have met online or during a visit to one another's native land. It allows them to share something together and is a truly excellent way to communicate love and dedication.

Don't forget, in the end it is the wedding flowers Scotland couples almost always remember most!

Scotland and Its National Flower

To say that Scotland is a land rich in history, lore and local pride would be an epic understatement. Just as the people here love their culture, Scotland flowers have their own set of lore. The national flower of Scotland is a surprise one: the Scotch thistle. Many people may be surprised to learn this, but it is actually a very solid choice considering what it means to the Scottish people.

Long ago, in the history of Scotland, there was a time when the Vikings would terrorize the island. During this era, it is said that the Vikings would try to wage a sneak attack, but the thistles would pierce them, causing them to yell out in pain. These yells gave the Scots time enough to go out and meet the attack so that they could have a fair battle with their opponents. This is how the Scotch thistle first saved the day in its native land and since then, it has been the national flower.

Of course, when one wants to send flowers to Scotland this is not the choice, but it is good to keep in mind exactly how much even a flower means to the people of this land. The florists of Scotland come from a rich tradition because the highest Order of knights in the nation is the Order of the Thistle who have the Latin motto of "Nemo me impune lacessit" which translates out to "No one provokes me with impunity". In short, when it comes to this country, no one will cause a problem without paying for it in the end.

Of course, the Guardian Thistle is a major point of pride and it is easy to see why this nation is so pleased to have it as the top choice of all Scotland flowers for the power of its meaning in their culture today.